Bride & Groom

Bride and Groom

I saw this female busker a few months ago in Perth, Western Australia. Well, to be honest, I know a lot of street performers who need to stop performing but this lady has got something special. I was a bit astonished and confused when I saw her outfit though I found it pretty original. Now, the question is, how are we supposed to read into this costume? The odd thing is that the two characters – the bride and groom -, are physically connected which is normal since getting married implies a strong commitment. After all, you had better stay close to your husband or wife if you want to preserve a sustainable relationship! But, somehow, they seem so different and distant and aloof. I do not know if I have been successful in taking this picture but this “distance” thing really stroke me most. Despite their wedding and clothes, the two protagonists remind me of strangers who have been lovers once, but in a distant past. They might also be quite courteous but I don’t need to see their faces to know that their is a distant look in their eyes. Finally, the bride and groom, staring at the emptiness while feeling secure in the shadow of their thoughts are a distant memory. Even these ghostly figures walking past them have forgotten about their union! I am curious to know what is your impression of this photo.


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