A quick glance on Perth’s urbanism

As you may know by now, I used to live in Perth, Western Australia. Historically speaking, Perth is a relatively young city and it is getting bigger and bigger every day with the many expansion plans initiated by the state government. But still, Perth is a lonely metropolis to me – I read that it is the most isolated city in the world. Although the “City” has been going through a significant maturing process during the last couple of years, I reckon it lacks facilities, activities and attractions.

The reason why I love Perth is because it has some of the world’s best beaches and sunsets, but also the best food, wine and the greatest weather. The Perth people are very friendly and their lifestyle is very relaxed. If you are like me and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, Perth is probably where you need to be. Now let me share a few photos of Perth City with you and give you an insight of what you can expect from it.


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