To the heavens

To the Heavens

Heaven is said to be a religious, cosmological or transcendent place where a few creatures such as gods, saints and angels reside. I am not a religious person anymore – I used to be – and skepticism has got the best of me. But still, when my girlfriend and myself finally reached the top of this mountain nearby Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert (it is essentially a medieval village located on the Saint-James pilgrimage route converging on Santiago de Compostella) I could not think of a better metaphor to entitle this photo: to the heavens.

Standing in front of the wrecks of a forsaken castle in Southern France, God only knows what this lady might possibly do. Is she there to pay homage to her medieval ancestors? Is she simply admiring the vestiges of the old abandoned building? What if she happened to fall off the cliff? Do you think she wants to commit suicide? Please, let me know what is your interpretation of this picture.


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