Vision of Sydney

To me, Sydney is probably one of the world’s greatest cities. And it is also my favourite place in Australia for several reasons: unlike Melbourne which I found dirty and ugly (I mean, there is a yucky brown river flowing through the middle of town, little greenery and too much dust) and Perth (the most isolated city in the world), I did enjoy myself in Sydney. For instance, it is only when you ride on the deck of a Sydney Ferry and let the wind blow through your hair that you realize that life is not too bad. I love Sydney because this city is clean, sustainable and ozone-friendly.

There are also the Sydney’s underground parties, the picnics on its beautiful islands, the numerous talented singers and guitar players in the CBD, the best pub food I have ever tasted and a hundred beaches I am sure you would love. Sydney is a peaceful place but paradoxically there is always something waiting for you to be done. Above are a dozen pictures of a place I will never forget.



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