Sculpture by the sea

Each year in Perth, Western Australia, big and small sculptures are displayed at an amazing open-air, sandy museum: Cottlesloe Beach. Arts have been flourishing in WA for a dozen years and this event has become Perth’s largest and much-appreciated free-of-charge exhibition. In fact last year, over 200,000 visitors came to admire the patience and dexterity of the artists – most their masterpieces usually require a tremendous meticulousness. This month will be the event’s 11th anniversary and the work of about 70 artists from around the world is set to be featured. “Sculpture by the Sea” is not the only event of this type in Australia as Sydney has also hosted its own event so far.

Now back to that point about artworks, I am a huge fan of “Plastic World” by Carole Purnelle & Nuno Maya from Portugal. “The figure in the landscape” produced by John Petrie from New South Wales impresses me much as well. Overall they are all fabulous and you can feel lucky not to have to buy a plane ticket to attend this exhibition. All thanks to who? It’s alright, pleasure is mine!



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