The Dull Dolls

Remember my last post about Perth’s notorious, free-of-charge exhibition “Sculpture by the Sea“? Among the numerous artworks that were showcased during the event last year, there is one that did grab my attention. “Wave 1”, produced by Annette Thas, is a daring, ambitious piece of art. The sculpture represents a gigantic wave of Barbie toys. I had been wondering how long a time it took the artist to gather all the dolls together. Well over a month I imagine.

Facing this strange, tufted creation, I was too tempted to take a few pictures of the butt-naked, plastic girls. Annette Thas’ work of art is quite ironic and sadistic. But it conveys a message that no one should forget nor neglect : over the last dozen years, a great number of beautiful and sexy women have perished at sea (men too, of course) either by getting attacked by sharks or by drowning. “Wave 1” somehow quantifies the numerous casualties who lost their lives confronting Mother Nature. So beware the ocean!


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