A foray into the Most Humble City of Valletta

I have been living in Malta for more than six months but the idea to upload some pictures of Valletta has crossed my mind many times. I am ashamed for doing it only now. Valletta is a place that deserves some attention. Valletta not only is the capital city of Malta but also a piece of living history. Baroque architecture is omnipresent here and the fortified walls that surround the fortress founded in 1565 by the Order of St John is a reminder of the island’s past.

Yet, Valletta is the smallest capital city in Europe and I must admit that I have had difficulty to immerse myself in the atmosphere though I have tried to stroll along the city’s aisles more than once. I cannot explain this lack of inspiration but I succeeded in taking six photos of Valletta, which means that stimulation finally came to me somehow; better late than never! You may find similar images of Valletta in my latest short film This is Malta.


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