Little Guardian of the Cemetery

Protective Shadow

Over a month ago I got the opportunity to travel to Turkey. My girlfriend and myself spent five days in Istanbul – most people had told us it was not enough –, so I will probably need to book another flight to the city formerly known as Constantinople. We had been strongly advised to take a bus to Eyüp, outside the walls of the main city, where you can walk up a hill and admire an awesome view over the river leading to the Golden Horn.

In fact, Eyüp was one of the best experience we ever had in Istanbul. It was cool to go on board the funicular and get carried away up to the top of the hill. Of course, we drank some tea at the Pierre Loti Restaurant (all guides say it is indispensable but in hindsight I really don’t think that it is a must-do) and relax for a couple of hours before walking along a pathway that extends from the top of the hill down to the mosque of Eyüp which is the fourth most important mosque in the world behind Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.

While coming down we passed through a huge and beautiful cemetery; I know it sounds strange to speak about cemeteries like that. But to be honest, the whole place was not grim at all, it was indeed really peaceful. This is where we met this kitten. He or she had a very dark coat and was so small and cute. He looked like he was protecting this sacred place surrounded by graves twenty times his size. A guardian with an omnipotent shadow, this cat offered me an amazing opportunity to take a photo I am very proud of.


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