First day of fall

2)A new cycle begins

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower“, Albert Camus

I think autumn is by far my favourite season. The trees look really pretty in autumn, the ground is positively gleaming and everything gets a bit more atmospheric. Some people think autumn is the saddest time of the year. Quite the contrary, I love autumn because I believe it is the happiest of the four seasons.

To be honest, I feel very connected to nature in autumn. In fact, in autumn, there are many warm, happy colours like red, brown, orange and yellow. Animals are also super busy preparing for the cold season : birds, squirrels, foxes, autumn is the best time of the year to admire these beautiful creatures in their attempt to anticipate the very harsh upcoming winter.

I also like the smells in autumn. These are smells of renewal, a new cycle seems to begin. Autumn is not about death or sadness, it is a season with a great deal of energy in the air, autumn is a celebration of life. I think Albert Camus – who is by the way one of my favourite authors –, got it right : autumn is like spring because every leaf is beautiful like a flower. I hope you will enjoy this photo that I took a month ago while I was off on holiday in Rome, Italy.


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