Eric Lemattre Self-Portrait

It must be difficult to put a face to a name when you haven’t met this person yet. For sure I do have a Gravatar profile picture but most of you may have wondered “how does this Twist of Fate guy look like?”. To be honest, I like taking pictures of people or things but I do not like taking pictures of myself, being in photos. For the past two years I have taken over 500 photos but there is not even one selfie in the batch – well, now there is one.

Unlike some people who think they are ugly, do not look good on pictures, I feel like I have no insecurities and I do not hate the way I look. However, I dislike going through the act of taking someone or getting me taken. I find this relationship between a photographer and his/her model very frightening. Perhaps I am not ready yet to take this “power dynamics” thing upon myself…

It does not mean I do not like having pictures of myself. I actually do but on reasonable amounts and the few pictures of myself that I have were taken during fun, memorable events. It is true that it feels good to have picture of yourself to look back on later though. Well, I guess you know me better now!


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