“There is no such thing as accident in photography; it is fate misnamed”. 

Eric is the owner and administrator of  Twist of Fate.me. He is 27 years of age and he lives in France.

Hi, I am Eric Lemattre and I am the owner of Twist of Fate.me. I live in Montpellier, France, where the sun shines more than 320 days out of the year, which is brilliant because I am originally from Mauritius. After attending lectures and classes at university for English Language and Literature in the late 2000s, I kind of found myself caught up in the whirlwind of the web agency world. Primarily an assistant project manager for Coralys, a tourism event agency, I have been freelancing for about a few years as a web redactor. Indeed, I have the incredible good fortune of writing fun and amazing articles about gambling, finance and sports. I am also the founder of a French gaming site, Je suis un gameur.com. Now, keep reading for more!


For the last couple of years, I have had the immense chance of travelling around the world. Very lately, I explored unknown, remote areas in Australia and Thailand. I think that so far travelling abroad is the best decision I have ever made in my life. It is good for the mind, body and soul. Of course, I love photography but I am also highly committed as a filmmaker. In fact, I am the co-founder and now chairman of Studios M-L, an independent and non profit-making cinema association based in Montpellier. I have a few other very time-consuming hobbies such as video games and sports. I have also some weird taste in music and I am a pet lover!


At first, photography was nothing less than a leisure activity. But one day, my passion for travelling led me to a camera store where I bought a Canon EOS 700D- quite a good device. Gradually, I became inspired to “do photography”. Quickly enough I embarked on a mission to learn the basics and improve my skills. I used to spend hours and hours capturing things, ideas and images. At the beginning, I had focused on the technical aspects of photography and then on the creative. Oddly, I made sure to ignore the advice that well-intentioned friends or experts would give me because no matter how hard I tried it had never felt right for me. Also, I could not stop being torn between following their recommendations or believing in my own intuition. I think it is really important not to compare your work to other photographers. I have noticed that when I compared, it led to doubts about my capabilities and it left me empty and sad. All I could see were their strengths against my weaknesses. And this is an unfair comparison to be made. Throughout this blog, you may realise that I favour landscape photography over the rest: I have always been attracted to beautiful landscapes. It makes me slow down, appreciate what surrounds me. I truly like immortalizing the world, our world!


As above mentioned, I possess a Canon EOS 700D, which is I think an entry-level model. I have only got two lenses: the standard Canon EF-S 18–55mm kit lens and the unbeatable EF 50mm. I also have quite a basic tripod but that is it. I do not use filters. As regards photo editing, DPP is my best friend. I hate Photoshop. I want to keep my pictures clean. I am not cheating. After all, I do not make any photo montage. I only slightly retouch my photos – when required. One of my purposes here is to show you that nothing is impossible in photography. You can take amazing pictures using the EF-S 18–55mm or the  EF 50mm. As long as you are successful in taking a great picture, you will find it automatically valuable and rewarding.


I want to clarify my purpose of running this blog. My purpose is to spread and promote the love of photography. I have made it a personal vow to always keep this blog open and free for anyone to use or share. You will notice that there is neither watermark nor signature on my photos. In my opinion, it comes off as a bit pretentious to put watermarks on your photos, really. Second, it ruins the beauty of the picture and spoils your pleasure. Third, I do keep the RAW images which means that you would not stand a chance against me in a trial. Would you like to set one of the blog’s pictures as a background on your laptop or PC? Feel free to do that, I would be honoured! But if you are a company or corporation, you are not allowed to appropriate yourself my work , or at least you need to ask for my permission at eric.lemattre@gmail.com.


3 thoughts

  1. Really pleased to have stumbled upon your blog. Your photography is simple, clean, beautiful and such a frank yet artistic expression of your artistic eye. I appreciate it. I also like how you don’t use watermarks. I used to watermark everything on my blog, but have found myself increasingly not doing so of late, for the reasons you mentioned above. The world is free. Creativity is free. Inspiration is free, and therefore my expressions should be free to be shared, enjoyed and spread without stain. Thank you for sharing your mind.

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    • Thanks for your support James 😉 I don’t consider myself as a great artist but I’m trying to do my best. I’m really pleased that you like my blog and it seems that we embrace the same vision of photography! You are so right, creativity and art are free. I think it’s important to envision what we believe an ideal reality would be and try to spread it around. Also, I’ll definitely take a close look to your blog. Cheers man and thanks again you’ve made my day!


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